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Marco Garza Owner

Jonathan Brewer Manager

SparrowHawk Austin

Serving the San Antonio and Austin, Texas area





Let our Mobile Detailing team clean your aircraft inside and out! From the smallest single seater to the biggest airliner, we’ve got you covered

•  Exterior cleaning, Degrease & Clean Belly, Landing Gear and Compartments

•  Leading Edge Boots Cleaned & Waxed

•  Buff & Wax Exterior, Polish Windows

•  Shampoo, Deodorize, Steam clean interior carpets & upholstery

•  Fine detail cleaning on instrument panel & vents

•  Paint Correction

•  Ceramic Coating

Extra Services:

•  Aluminum Polishing

•  Leading Edge, Engine Cell, Spinners

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auto detaiLING

Auto Detailing for your Car, Truck or Motorcycle.

Let us come to you!

•  Remove dirt, tar and old wax buildup
•  Power wash Tires, Rims, and Underside
•  Clay bar & wax exterior - Polish Glass
•  Shampoo, Deodorize, Steam Clean Interior Carpets & Upholstery
•  Moisturize Leather & UV Condition Vinyl
•  Fine detail cleaning on dash crevices and air vents
•  Degrease and clean engine compartment

Extra Services:
•  Headlight Restoration
•  Odor Removal
•  Scratch, Oxidation Removal
•  Metal Polishing
•  Fabric Protection
•  Paint Correction

•  Ceramic Coating


Let our Mobile Detailing team come to you to clean your boat or yacht and keep it in perfect shape!

•  Power wash exterior, Remove water spots, clean cover, Bimini top Canvas

•  Clean & detail interior. Scrub Vinyl, apply UV protectant, Shampoo Carpets,

• Clean Bilge & Compartments.

•  Buff & Wax Fiberglass, Apply marine surface sealant

•  Cabins Cleaned & Detailed

•  Clean & wax trailer if available

•  Paint Correction

•  Ceramic Coating


Extra Services:

•  Oxidation removal / wet sanding

•  Bottom & Outdrive Cleaning

•  Bottom paint touch up

•  Gel coat repairs

•  Boat covers cleaned & UV protected

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Image by Airstream Inc.


RV Detailing. Let us come to you!

•  Power wash exterior, Clean roof, sides, Front and end caps, Awnings & Side Compartments

•  Buff & wax exterior clean rims & windows

•  Shampoo, deodorize, steam clean interior carpets & upholstery

•  Moisturize leather and UV condition vinyl

•  Clean wood cabinets, glass mirrors, blinds, bathroom & kitchen

•  Paint Correction

•  Ceramic Coating


Extra Services:

•  Oxidation, Scratch, Removal

•  UV Roof Protectant

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